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We believe moving your body should be part of your daily routine. It brings focus, improves strength & performance and helps you to relax. Our studios, located across the coolest venues in town, offer you a daily dose of your favorite yoga and high intensity classes.

Get ready to sweat!


Let's go for a run!

Let’s go for a RUN! Our bodies are have evolved for us to be effective endurance runners. Think of the length of our legs, shock-absorbing spinal discs, our hip sockets…
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Ready, set, GO! It’s get on the GREEN mat Tuesday. As we all know, motion is lotion so we’ll make you move with our DAILY HIT OPEN AIR classes. Rather…
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How to join us

Feel like joining our movement? We offer daily Hit Open Air classes in front of our Veerhaven studio. Here’s how to join us! Easy booking in 3 steps Step 1:…
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Get back in the groove!

The word is out, we can start moving again and we can’t wait to see you all! Vote Yogaground and join us from Wednesday March 17, for HIT OPEN AIR…
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Boost your energy levels!

Boost your energy levels! Your own breath can be a powerfull tool to boost your energy levels. Use your breathwork as a moment to reboot and reset. Get more focused…
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