Flow Slow, Paradise found

The Big Escape

Yogaground Online
Tuesday April 6
17.30 - 18.45
by Nicola
12,50 euro
Flow Slow, Paradise found

The Big Escape

Let the dance between flexibility and mobility begin. Bring strength and flexibility together in one practice. Work with Nicola to build up to your peak pose; Bird of Paradise. Join our Online Super Session; Flow Slow, Paradise found!

In this workshop you’ll focus on muscles around the shoulder. Nicola will then demonstrate how to work towards your peak pose. Bring balance between strength and openness also known as stirha and sukha. Start with an easy flow and learn 3 alternatives to get into this asana, to then wind down towards the end of the session with Yoga Nidra – A walk into paradise, according to Nicola.

Whether you see yourself as someone who has more flexibility than strength or the other way around, you’ll benefit when you explore movements that do not come naturally to you. Move fluidly and with control. Together with Nicola you’ll unfold and extend step by step into Svarga Dvijasana.

Join Nicola for a walk into paradise and explore some unseen places. Get your ticket for Flow Slow, Paradise found Live Super Session online on Tuesday April 6, 17.30 – 18.45. Your Big Escape!

Our online doors open at 17.15. You’ll receive a Microsoft Teams link 30 minutes before the workshop starts. Make sure your spot is booked in the schedule!

This Super Session is suitable for all levels. All tickets covering The Big Escape theme will cost €12,50.

Need help? Send us an email – hey@yogaground.nl

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