Runners Yoga Flow

The Big Escape

Yogaground Online
Sunday May 2
10.00 - 11.15
by Fieke
12,50 euro
Runners Yoga Flow

The Big Escape

Keep your body strong and flexible with this Runners Yoga Flow! Perfect for those who love to run but may sometimes forget to stretch. Build on your physical and mental stamina to support your body and mind. This workshop helps you to maintain a healthy and sustainable running routine and adds to that runners high!

During the Runners Yoga Flow you’ll learn how to incorporate full body awareness while you focus on those tight areas. Keep your muscles and joints limber and healthy for long term strength. In this Vinyasa workshop especially designed for runners you’ll learn how to ease tension where you need it the most. Flow through asanas and count this as an active rest day.

Step out of your sneakers and onto your mat! Join Fieke for the Runners Yoga Flow Live Super Session online on Sunday May 2, 10.00 – 11.15. Your Big Escape!

Our online doors open at 09.45. You’ll receive a Microsoft Teams link 30 minutes before the workshop starts. Make sure your spot is booked in the schedule!

This Super Session is suitable for all levels and especially for those who run (or cycle). All tickets covering The Big Escape theme will cost €12,50.

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