coolest zwangerschaps yoga in town!

Strong for birth. Strong for motherhood. Strong for new life.

This October, Yogaground launched its Mama Strong classes at the Veerhaven studio. Dubbed “the coolest zwangerschapsyoga in town” by its participants, these classes are designed especially for moms and moms to feel more confident and grow stronger. Why are these classes such a success and instant hit with the local crowd?

First and foremost, we believe that if you feel strong as a mother, you can be strong for your baby. Taking care of your mental, emotional and physical health during pregnancy is essential. Our Mama Strong classes will teach you various breathing and strengthening  techniques that help stabilize the core and pelvic floor. Combined with cleansing and calming meditations this is the perfect combination of preparation, practice and relaxation. It supports and prepares you for new strong life.

Launch Mama Flow classes!

Starting on Friday November 20, join our Mama Flow classes. These classes focus on pre- and postnatal breathing techniques. Techniques that make it easier to breathe through various yoga flows to further strengthen and prepare the body, including meditation exercises. These will even help you recover faster postpartum. Every Frida, 4.30 PM at Yogaground Veerhaven. Block your calendar!

Who answers your pregnancy questions?

Maggie teaches our Mama classes. She is a certified, trained and experienced doula, childbirth educator and pre- and postnatal yoga teacher. Through extensive training and educations, she has become a specialist on all things baby, throughout all your trimesters and beyond. From prepartum preparations to childbirth and postpartum recovery. Therefore, Maggie can answer all your mama questions. Moreover, she will help you feel well prepared, strong and confident. This way you can prepare for other classes we offer, like Flow Slow, Flex and Hero and understand which movements are accessible for you!

To conclude; both Mama classes, Strong and Flow, embrace the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. A space and time for you, and all those other strong moms, to become even stronger,  to prepare and know what lieas ahead. You can join a Mama Strong or Mama Flow class with regular Yogaground credits. Feel free to come in and talk about the possibilities and enjoy the “coolest zwangerschapsyoga in town”!

See you soon in one of our studios!

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