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The Art of Relaxation

Restore and release

The art of relaxation Prepare for deep relaxation for every part of your body. Restorative Yoga use props, like blankets and bolsters, to support every part of the physical body in positions of rest. To encourage deep, healing relaxation. In this Masterclass, you will learn life-changing yet simple tools to hack the nervous system, let […]

Unlock your hips and legs

explore your anatomy

Experience your anatomy! Dive deeper with our Masterclass Unlock your hips and legs. A workshop designed to further feel, refine and explore your yoga asana in totally new ways. This Masterclass explores the relationship between the pelvic area and the rest of the body. It provides new ways to lengthen and strengthen the leg muscles,  […]

Spinal Waves

learn to integrate spinal movements in your practice

Very happy to welcome Magnus Ringberg back to Rotterdam. Well-known for his inspiring teaching based on multi-directional movement. Get ready to explore all new spinal movements during this 3 hour workshop! Magnus his Spinal Waves Masterclass will focus on how to move with intention and explores a full range of conscious movements and postures. Guides […]

Magnus Ringberg

Movement & Space

We are very excited to announce the Masterclass Movement & Space with our friend, Magnus Ringberg on Friday evening November 8 at Yogaground Weena. In this Vinyasa Flow oriented Masterclass, you will learn how to create an advanced flow practice and explore the space within you and around you. Expand your knowledge about movement and […]