Event category: Super Sessions

Flow in 360º

never stop exploring your own movement

In this 90-minute long Super Session Magnus will build up a sequence that will challenge both your strength and flexibility. Magnus will teach a very dynamic yoga session for full-body awareness. You will be able to practice with a strong focus on resistance training. Get ready for a different kind of class, learning how to […]

Dynamic Super Flow

optimize strength, develop mobility

Let’s get physical! This Super Session – Dynamic Super Flow will take you through a challenging yet energetic Yoga practice. Lets you focus on strengthening forgotten muscle groups whilst increasing flexibility. Learn how to realign the joints and spine. Get to know your own anatomy even better. In this 1,5 hr Super Session, Boban takes […]


Get ready to sweat and flow

Best of both worlds. This Super Sessions Hiit & Yoga is definitely all about the movement. Will get your heart racing in no time, with maximum effort and minimal rest. Increases stamina, strengthens the muscles, heart and lungs. A full-on 45 minute HIIT work-out. Afterwards Maggie will follow up with an all-you-ever-wanted FLOW class. Move […]