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Myofascial Release

flex and self massage

Myofascial Release Find relief by stretching and massaging your deep tissue and learn new techniques in this Myofascial Release Super Session by Camilla. Create movement and change within your body, working slowly and gently. Trigger the natural qualities of fascia with the help of tennis balls. Finally the tissue melts, relax and releases. Fascia Did […]

108 sun salutations

yoga with live dj beats

108 Sun Salutations Start a brand-new day with a serious number of Surya Namaskar. Join Maggie on Sunday morning August 15 at 9 AM for the 108 Sun Salutations Super Session. Moving to the sounds of a Live DJ you’ll Vinyasa through those yoga poses in no time! After a good warm up you’ll start working on building internal heat. Start to focus and find your deep conscious breath. Move the fire upwards and surrender yourself to the movement. Besides just being a lot, […]

Rise up!

Awakening breath, flow & flex

Rise up! Awakening breath, flow & flex Early morning, the city is still asleep. Suddenly a shift; Like a curtain rising, darkness lifts. Sunrise is a magnificent time of day, and the perfect time to do yoga. While the city wakes up you’ll witness this beautiful daybreak at the other end of the river. Join […]

Flow with Live Sounds

Celebrate the longest day!

Flow with live sounds Celebrate the longest day of the year with Yogaground! Challenge your balance on board of the Kooren Terminal, our very own yoga ship, and open up the chest area for this joyful Flow with Live Sounds Super Session. Start with a Flow and let your mind wind down and slowly come […]

Runners Yoga Flow

The Big Escape

Keep your body strong and flexible with this Runners Yoga Flow! Perfect for those who love to run but may sometimes forget to stretch. Build on your physical and mental stamina to support your body and mind. This workshop helps you to maintain a healthy and sustainable running routine and adds to that runners high! […]

Handstand Flow

The Big Escape

Lift off into your Handstand Flow with Tim! This Online Super Session combines core work and shoulder stability with strengthening excercises, helping you reach your handstand goals. Hop, jump and puppy press right into your Handstand Flow. Take time to challenge yourself and get playfull in your yoga practice! Flow through different transitions in and […]

Flow, awaken your senses

The Big Escape

Join Wiebke for the Flow, awaken your senses Online Super Session to get a better understanding of how your senses influence movements of your body. Learn to move effortlessly and with attention of your yoga practice. Go beyond a physical experience. Wiebke’s aim in this workshop is to unite body, mind and spirit in a […]

It they might seem impossible until it’s not! Let Charlotte take you for a flight. In any arm balance posture, you’ll definitely need a strong and engaged core so your back and legs can lift! Discover and defy gravity in this Online Super Session. Charlotte created a special flow to help you build up strength […]

Join Liz for the Spring Flow Slow and Restore Online Super Session! Begin with a gentle Flow to reenergize and strengthen your body and to prepare yourself for the ultimate rest. In this workshop you’ll work on movement, breathwork and relaxation. Especially designed to refresh your body and mind. Open up your chest area and […]

Let the dance between flexibility and mobility begin. Bring strength and flexibility together in one practice. Work with Nicola to build up to your peak pose; Bird of Paradise. Join our Online Super Session; Flow Slow, Paradise found! In this workshop you’ll focus on muscles around the shoulder. Nicola will then demonstrate how to work […]