Event category: Super Sessions

Where push meets pull

The Big Escape

This 75-minute Online workshop is all about protracting and retracting or where push meets pull! A typical yoga class contains a lot of poses where you push your body. Think about those yoga push-ups, or Chaturanga. Maggie will teach this workshop focussing on overall mobility, adding pulling movements into the mix, by adding props that […]

Detach and reconnect

The Big Escape

Detach from your screen in this Online Super Session where you focus on yourself, by moving to cues you will be hearing. Lo Fei offers guidance with her voice, while you focus your gaze elsewhere. This allows you to feel the sensations within your body while moving deeper into your own practice. Discover your practice […]

Flex & Yoga Nidra

The Big Escape

Looking for a moment to reset, recharge and relax? Join Camilla’s 75-minute Flex class with some recharging yoga Nidra at the end. Treat yourself at the end of your workday and ease into your evening. Let gravity do the work! Bringing your deeper into the stretch while you focus on your breath. This class works […]

Yoga for Runners

The Big Escape

Unlace your running shoes and step onto your yoga mat! This 75-minute¬†workshop combats soreness and tight muscles and helps you recover after a good run. Increase your flexibility and range of motion and build up strength with Fieke. Boost your overall performance with the Yoga for Runners Online Super Session! Loosen up tight muscles and […]

Sculpt and refine

The Big Escape

Move more confidently, build core strength, flexibility and endurance. Sculpt and refine your body in this 75-minute workshop guided by Joanna! Prepare to sweat, have fun, get stronger, and work your entire body in this Online Super Session. Start work on your summer body straight away, core is key! Using your own body weight, Joanna […]

Flex, pause to listen

The Big Escape

Let Nicola develop greater patience within your practice, body and mind. Because patience is a virtue. Nicola will teach you some techniques that have helped her with this. Flex, pause to listen. Dive into the magic of calm practice. In this Flex class you will move softly and with respect for your body. Learn how […]

Increase your flexibility and range of motion in this Slow Flow as moving massage Online Super Session. With Anthony you’ll be twisting, bending and folding through poses that are tweaked to release stiffness and tension in your body. Use your practice as a moving massage! This 75 minutes workshop starts with a brief introduction about […]

Power to the Core

The Big Escape

Looking for an extra kick? Let’s fire up your core in the Power to the Core Live Super Session with Basiet! On Tuesday evening March 2, join us for 75 fiery minutes of yoga. Strenghten your core and work on those asanas. Stand tall, straight and strong together with birthday boy Basiet! Famous for his […]

We’ve created the perfect Online workshop to counter stress and increase your range of motion. In this session you’ll go through a vinyasa and learn various techniques and poses to release your shoulders, neck and jaw. Take a moment to check in and care for yourself. In this Online Super Session Liz will focus on […]

Animal Flow

The Big Escape

Looking for a different kind of FLOW? Tim is your guy! Break away from your expectations of what a yoga class can be. Explore all variations, combinations and movement possibilities and challenge your abilities. Inspired by acrobatics, capoeira and yoga this Animal Flow will be a creative class filled with fun! Move your furniture to […]