push your HIT limits!

Whatever your fitness level, with HIT you push your own boundaries

Let’s HIT IT! With our High Intensity Training you will achieve results in a short time. In our movement studios in the center of Rotterdam we offer not only Yoga but also High Intensity Training.  

Whatever your fitness level, HIT group training can push your limits. Our teachers are there to motivate you and help you. Give everything you have and you will feel proud and fulfilled after your HIT workout.     

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HIIT – fitness training
Work on your endurance and fat burning during HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training. By alternating short boosts of exertion with rest, you become stronger physically and mentally.

HERO – strength training
Our HERO class is functional strength training, a real strength class. You train all your muscles and work on a good foundation. Improve your muscle definition and make your whole body stronger. With weights and kettlebell exercises you will get the most out of this workout

BOX – boxing techniques
During our BOX class you can let loose on the punching bags and work on your boxing techniques.

Our HIT offer
HIT group training push your limits!

Which HIT classes can you choose from?

HIT group training push your limits!

Where and when can I take a HIT class?

Our HIT group classes last 45 or 60 minutes. Count on intensive exercise with short moments of rest in between. In addition, it is a perfect combination with our other classes. For example, try combining a HIT class with a Flex or Flow yoga class.   

Strengthen your muscles and work on your condition, 7 days a week before and after work. Find your inner strength and commit to HIT!  

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