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The teacher with the dragon tattoo.

Camilla – Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Camilla also lived two years in the United States before moving to Rotterdam in early 2017. She joined the Yogaground team almost immediately upon arriving to town.

Camilla did her first yoga teacher training (200-hour) when living in the US. After that yoga training, she has attended a number of other trainings and workshops. Lately most of her trainings are yin yoga-related. Always a student, and always in search of learning more and understanding the fascinating human body better.

To her, yoga is much less of a ‘work-out’ and a whole lot more of a ‘work-in’. Yoga has helped this yogi to manage her temper (and hold her tongue) on oh so many occasions.

When not teaching she enjoys going to the movies. Having the ‘Cinevillepas’ there are not many movies she has not seen. In her world, it is always a good day to go to the movies, rain or shine!

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