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Maggie is originally from the Midwestern United States and has lived in Maui for nearly 15 years.

A few years ago, she moved to the Netherlands. She draws inspiration from all kinds of movement whether it’s ballet, dance and theatre or even running and hiking. Although she loves being in nature, surfing and soaking up as much sun as possible on the beach, puts a true smile on her face. She loves to explore city life and is always on the lookout for unique, local shops and funky ethnic inspired cafes & restaurants.

Maggie specializes in prenatal & postnatal yoga, so if you are already a mom or soon to be, be sure to come to one of Maggie’s classes and get the full lowdown.

If you happen to be planning a surf trip to Hawaii, Maggie can surely help you out. She knows where to find the best waves and the best meals. When asked what she misses most, to this day, it’s her luscious Maui garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables, Aaaloha!

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