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Yoga for anyone, of any ability.

Rebecca – Originally from the UK, Becky has been with us since 2017, teaching her now famous Sculpt class! With the start of YG Veerhaven the Box training may become her new famous class 😉 Energetic as she is, she can tell you all about maintaining an active lifestyle. Although she must admit that yoga has taught her to ‘switch off from whatever is outside of the studio and put my focus in that moment’.

Becky is a former dancer, a trained pilates and Broga teacher, receiving her training in London and Amsterdam. She loves teaching at Yogaground, where as she puts is ‘Yoga is for anyone of any ability’.

Her best holiday was spent in Costa Rica where she trekked in the jungle, surfed the waves and enjoyed amazing food. Closer to her Rotterdam home, the Fenix Food Factory is her top destination.

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