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All your favorite Yoga and High intensity classes on demand.

With new classes added every week, YGTV is your source for yoga and high intensity classes, from your favorite teachers. Move with us whenever you want, wherever you are.

Get started. Enter promocode KEEPMOVING to get 50% discount on your first 3 months. That’s euro 8,99 for an instant health benefit and unlimited Yogaground classes.


YGTV is a great resource to stay on track with your practice. For your convenience, we’ve grouped classes into categories so you can practice your favorite Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, HIT, Pilates and more!

Select your favorite Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates, Boks or choose on of our other High Intensity classes. Or search our videos by the name of your favorite teacher or class type.

Tutorials are exclusive to YGTV. These break down exercises or techniques, coming up frequently in our classes, in easy steps.

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all your favorite Yoga and High intensity classes

practice your favorite Yoga and HIT movement

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