A hot room, cool design and warm showers. This is how we do it at Yogaground.

In the heart of the city you find our modern, light and spacious studio. We offer everything you need for the best possible yoga experience.

Our room is heated and our team is warm and friendly. Enjoy a great class, and join in on the fun we have outside the studio room. Our community is known for being fun and laid-back.

We’re here for you, 7 days a week. See you on the mat!


find us

Weena-Zuid 148
3012 NC Rotterdam

Or come and see our hosts in the studio during front desk hours.

Park right around the corner in Q-park Weena. Plan your trip on google.com/maps.

Rotterdam Central Station and
tram stop Rotterdam Weena
are at a stone’s throw away. Plan your trip on ov9292.nl.


Are all your classes heated?

We offer heated and non heated classes. Non heated are Flex, Mind Space, Slow Flow, Move, Boost and Super Flow.

What do I bring to my class?

All you need to bring is a towel to put over your mat and a comfortable outfit to wear during class. Remove your shoes at the door, yoga is done barefoot.

Do I have to bring my own mat to class?

We have your mat ready in the yoga room for free. Bring your own or buy one in our shop.

How do I get started at Yogaground?

Go to our first timer form and pick a class you like. We will confirm your booking by email. Please come in 15 minutes before your class for a relaxed start.

I have never done yoga before, where do I begin?

We would like you to try all our classes. For a slower start try our Mind Space, Flex, Flow Slow or Hot Hatha class.

Are there showers, changing rooms and lockers?

We have everything you need to leave our studio fully dressed and refreshed, ready to take on the rest of your day.

Am I eligible for a discount?

We offer a 10% discount for students who present us their student card.

Can I bring my friend?

Just add a little note to your first timer form on our website and we'll help you book two spots, for you and your friend.

I bought a prepaid card, for how long can I use my credits?

Our prepaid cards are all valid for 1 year from their purchase date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you'll stay with us for a long time. If you do wish to cancel your subscription, just send an email to studio@yogaground.nl and we will confirm your cancellation.

I don't speak Dutch, is that an issue?

No problem, all our classes are taught in English.

I'm pregnant, can I do yoga?

As soon as you are over three months pregnant and in good health it's safe to do yoga again. In the early stages of your pregnancy it's best to take a break from your practice. Always notify our teacher about your health before entering the class.

I'm pregnant, what classes can I take?

As soon as you are over three months pregnant and in good health it's safe to do yoga again. We suggest taking our low intensity classes. Always inform your teacher about your pregnancy, as there are some poses that are less suitable if you are expecting.